PECS Level 1 Training

This intensive two-day training is designed to teach participants the theory behind the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the protocols for how to appropriately implement the six phases of PECS. The Picture...

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What is Autism?

This workshop opens with a description of the key characteristics of autism and proceeds to describe how the Pyramid Approach to Education can help professionals and family members design effective educational environments for...

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Pyramid Approach to Education Training

Effective Classroom Management While Meeting IEP Goals Establish effective learning environments for all learners, reduce unwanted behaviors and meet IEP goals! The Pyramid Approach to Education is a proven and comprehensive...

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Analyzing and Fine Tuning Communication

This training will introduce attendees to B.F. Skinner's analysis of language (Verbal Behavior) and its acquisition, independent of modality. This presentation will highlight key functional language units as well as describe...

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Teaching Critical Communication Skills

Help! I can't Wait to ask for a Break...and more! This training discusses how to teach critical communication skills that lead to greater independence in the home, work, school and community settings for all students regardless...

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The Language of Emotions

B.F. Skinner provided an important guide to the analysis of language in his book, Verbal Behavior. In this book, he stresses the critical value of focusing on the function of various aspects of communication. His analysis...

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PECS Level 2 Training

Prerequisite: PECS Level 1 Training This training will show you how to teach PECS with fidelity so your learners don’t get stuck on early Phases of PECS. Let us help you create lessons that turn your PECS user into someone who...

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