Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff’s contributions in the field of applied behavior analysis are exceptional. For decades she has been actively engaged in research, teaching and consulting, addressing needs of a variety of clients from special needs to professionals and corporations. Her interest in ABA grew while pursuing her Ph.D. at University of Minnesota between 1961 and 1966. Her distinguished career includes several academic papers and co-authoring a dozen books. She also served as an Associate Professor at the Southern Illinois University and Professor of Psychology at University of Massachusetts Amherst for 19 years.

Our co-founder & president Andy Bondy, Ph.D. met Beth while working at the Delaware Autism Program. “Beth has had an amazing impact upon the field of behavior analysis,” he said. When Pyramid Educational Consultants was started, Beth was there to support. “When we formed our company, we asked Beth to participate in a number of projects. She provided expert guidance in the development of our PECS Certification process as well as our Pyramid Classroom Certification Process.”

Dr. Sulzer-Azaroff also presented at the first International PECS Congress in 2007. She was the lead author with Anne Hoffman (Overcash), Catherine Horton, Lori Frost and Andy Bondy on a noteworthy review of the PECS literature published in Focus on Autism: “The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS): What Do the Data Say?” This important review continues to have a high citation and download rate. She also worked with Andy Bondy on the publication The Pyramid Approach to Education in Autism (2002).  Her contributions to the Pyramid family of companies also include co-presenting with Andy Bondy at several ABAI workshops including Consulting the Behavioral Way: The Pyramid Approach to Shaping Performance in Autism Educational Services.

Pyramid Global Partners and all divisions of Pyramid Educational Consultants, are proud to designate Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Ph.D., as our first Consultant Emeritus. “Beth has earned this lifetime recognition for her years of dedicated work and advice to the Pyramid family of companies,” said Andy Bondy. “I must also add that I am personally proud to consider Beth as my friend, one with whom I can share my thoughts not only about work, but about life and family as well. In short, thank you Beth!”